3D Green Lantern Movie Review

by Jim Spencer on June 18, 2011 · 1 comment

I liked it.

The Green Lantern Story

The movie The Green Lantern opened yesterday. I went to see it with my son tonight. I had never heard of the comic or the story before.

I appreciated that the story was complete with a beginning, middle and end. I didn’t feel like the movie was just the first half of much longer story.

Green Lantern movie

The humanity of Hal, the Green Lantern, was refreshing. He doubted, tried to quit, came to recognize his strengths and prevailed because of his humanity.

I really like that his super power is all about turning thought into reality.

The Green Lantern didn’t have to hide is identity or powers. That fact removed a layer of concealment that most other super powered characters seem to have.  This allowed the audience to connect a little better with the Green Lantern.

The theme of courage and fear was brought to life throughout the movie.  Vanquishing fear is something that I hope we all strive for and this movie may have exposed fear as a common enemy and even provided some instruction on how to battle fear.

The Green Lantern in 3D

I didn’t want to see the movie in 3D, but my son did.  Wearing the glasses feels weird in a dark room. The biggest objection is the reflected light from behind. The glasses are flat. They don’t curve around your face like good sunglasses. The effect is that even subtle theater lighting behind reflects into the back of the glasses, which I find distracting.

If I had quality 3D glasses it might be a bit more enjoyable. The movie featured a lot of scenes in space along with organic wormy giant villain so the movie was able to put the 3D to good use.  The 3D is the most obvious when the credits scroll by. The special effects for the primary villain while on earth were especially well done. I was impressed.

The movie previews and ads were also mostly shown in 3D.


I suppose that I am glad I saw the movie in 3D after all. I suspect that soon most movies will be in 3D so I better get used to the glasses.

I don’t recall swearing, nudity, smoking or anything terribly frightening. There was a lot of sci-fi violence, death and destruction. I don’t think it would be too much for a young adult.

It was an entertaining and well proportioned mixture of real life and fantasy that blended well. I don’t think that Marvel comic’s X-Men First Class did as good a job of this. First Class had too many scenes where you just said, “no way” that could happen.

Do not leave right after the movie ends.  We have learned to wait and watch the credits.  We were not disappointed. We saw a very logical clue about what could happen in a second Green Lantern movie.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Green Lantern? If you have seen it, what did you think?

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1 Ed (@pixel8r) June 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm

A conversation that took place on twitter around this post. In addition to the comments from the twitter conversation, it’s nice to hear that a comic based movie was done well enough to keep someone not familiar with the back-story and history of the characters interested. That, in my opinion, is something a lot of the comic based movies have not done a great job of in the past – but they’re getting better at it.

fairminder: Going to see Green Lantern. 3D or no 3D?
9:19pm, Jun 17 from Twitter for iPhone

pixel8r: @fairminder definitely 3D for Green Lantern. Seems it would fit pretty well with that type of action and effects.
2:04pm, Jun 18 from HootSuite

fairminder: @pixel8r Green Lantern was great. See my review at http://www.jamesjspencer.com
4:26pm, Jun 18 from Twitter for iPhone

pixel8r: @fairminder Read your Green Lantern review and was shocked at “I had never heard of the comic or the story before”. How is that possible?
12:18pm, Jun 20 from HootSuite

fairminder: @pixel8r I live in a cave. lol. How was the review otherwise? Have you seen the movie? In 3D?
12:20pm, Jun 20 from Twitter for iPhone

pixel8r: @fairminder Ha.. Good review and glad to hear you thought it was worth the 3D. Hoping seeing it this weekend.
12:30pm, Jun 20 from HootSuite

fairminder: @pixel8r So, how do I import this twitter convo about the post into the comments?????? lol

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